Trying Something NEW!

Announcements March 11th 2016

Hiya everyone!! Hope everyone finished off their February with a ton of love and a ton of delicious food.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately as far as our contests go… I had voiced that we’ve been having a lack of participation with our contests and I was trying to figure out a way to make them more interesting and fun.

The more i thought the more i realized that the issue isn’t that people don’t want to participate, but that there simply isn’t time to make a specific meal just for a Facebook page.

So then i thought more and realized it would make things so much easier if we just dropped the specifics and got down to the fun stuff.   Soooo HOW?!  

What I decided/What I want to try is getting rid of the categories all together. We can still do fun holiday contests and things like that but I’m going to knock our contests down to once a month and instead of posting a specific category, post WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!!

This is what will happen:

  1. A deadline will be posted
  2. If you have a recipe you really like POST IT! Post it to our foodie page with your picture and or recipe with the hashtag #foodiecontest
  3. The post with the most likes by the deadline will win and be added to our online recipe journal.
    (Please take a look at our journal so far to familiarize yourself 🙂 )
    Click here to view our recipe food journal


  1. Play fair — We are all adults, let’s just be cool
  2. Give credit where due
  3. No posts will be considered that are submitted after the deadline.


Deadline???? Hmmm Let’s say

**************April 15th @ 15:30

REMEMBER there is NO CATEGORY post whatever you would like by this deadline. If your post gets the most likes… YOU WIN!

Let’s see how this plays out. If the old way works better we can always revert back 🙂

Other than that…

We are still looking for header pictures for our announcement page as well as our recipe journal.

Think your photo would be a good fit?

Submit your photo with the hashtag #foodiephoto


As always, I want to thank you all for your creative, inspiring posts. I also want to thank everyone for being so good-natured and light hearted. Life would be so dull without some humor and kind words. I want this to always be a place we can express ourselves and not fear negativity.

Have an amazing weekend everyone

❤ Sterph



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