Announcements February 22nd 2016

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Gotta love Mondays… lol

Let’s kick off the week with a new recipe contest eh?

The votes are in! Chili is going to be the subject of this contest
ANY type of chili, any way YOU like it!

Q: How do I submit my recipe?!
A: Easy! Post your chili photo/recipe to our page with the hashtag #ChiliFoodieContest

The photo/recipe with the most likes by the deadline will win and be added to our online recipe journal.

For a look at our recipe journal so far CLICK HERE

The deadline for this contest is March 11th 2016 @ 12:00pm-No late entries will be considered.


Please remember to play fair and be kind to others participating. Arguing over food is just silliness! 


Have some tasty looking photos you think will be good for our website?! Well we would love to see them. To enter your photo use the hashtag #FoodiePhoto
There is no deadline for this so far please just get your photos submitted ASAP

I want to thank everyone again for their on going support and participation on this page. I’m so glad we kept the page running and were able to get everything back to its normal order. I’m so happy to have a community of people this caring and enthusiastic. If anyone has any question or if you even just want to BS i’m all ears feel free to drop me a PM. Have a wonderful week everyone-looking forward to seeing those chili recipes!!! 

❤ Sterph


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