Announcements November 4th 2015

November 4th, 2015 Announcements 

First of all we would like to announce the winner of our Crockpot Contest!

SHANA POPYK! Shana won the contest with her recipe for SLOW-COOKER

Thank you so much everyone that participated, this was another awesome contest.
Thanks Shana for letting us add your fantastic recipe to our food journal! Take a look at our food journal to see Shana’s recipe!

Check out our food journal so far. Click here!

Meet The Chef: Shana Popyk

When I’m not working that 9-5 grind you can usually find me whipping something up in the kitchen. I’ve been interested in cooking for a while now, back when there was actual cooking shows on The Food Network I would watch it for hours and make my own version of dishes. One issue I have is I can never just follow a recipe I have to make it my own. Therefore I’m not a baker. Too many rules! All about making healthier versions of dishes and making life easier with cleanup in one pot dishes. I have no problem working all day and cooking all night, it is definately relaxing for me!

Regarding our next contest:

Considering we have some time before Thanksgiving we thought it would be fun to do one last pumpkin contest.

This contest will be specifically pumpkin but ANY type of recipe you would like. Anything/Everything pumpkin is A OKAY!

Soooo get your pumpkins off the porch Halloween is officially over. It’s time to make some pumpkin goodies!

Please take a quick look at our guidelines regarding contest entries. There are only a few rules but they are important. These guidelines ar
e only to provide fairness to all participants.

Click here to review our guidelines

Contest DEADLINE  November 15th 2015 @ 15:30

In Other NEWS!!! This month is World Vegan Month. Let’s show our enthusiasm/support by posting our favorite vegan recipes.
Vegan Pot Pie-1 Hour Cook Time
Spicy Vegan Bean Chili


Please celebrate appropriately by posting your favorite healthy recipes!!!!!
For more info –> Click Here

Thank you so much for reading everyone. Hope everyone had a great start to the week. Hump day is upon us, that means Friday is right around the corner! Hang in there everyone and have a great rest of the week.



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