Announcements November 12th 2015

So how cool is this?! New site!!!!

What does everyone think?!?!?!

I was getting feedback that our last site was a bit hard to follow. I definitely don’t want anyone losing sleep over navigating our site sooooo NEW WEBSITE!!!!

YES – This also means a new website for our food journal.

We are happy to announce that our new food journal is up and running also. The layout is much easier to navigate and the layout seems to be working nicely too. There are of course still a few kinks but that’s to be expected from a fee domain.


To check out our new food journal Click Here

NEW CONTEST!!!!!!!!!

As we discussed on our Foodie Page the latest contest was kind of a fluke. We didn’t have any entries!!!!!
Anyways we came to a conclusion everyone is ready for Thanksgiving, so let’s get to it!


New Contest subject is Thanksgiving side dishes.

Contest will run a bit shorter than normal in hopes to be able to fit in a second Thanksgiving contest before Thanksgiving.

Deadline will be November 18th @15:30
Please refresh quickly and read through our short list of guidelines Click Here


In Other News:
It’s Chicken Soup of the Soul Day! more info? Click Here
Here are a few fun soup recipes:
25 Best Soups

Today is ALSO National Pizza With Everything (Except Anchovies) Day! LMAO

Make sure to celebrate accordingly!!! For more info Click Here


This month we continue to celebrate World Vegan Month. Let’s keep supporting our friends and family by posting our favorite vegan recipes on our Foodie Page.

Here are a few fun recipes:

Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice
25 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes


Thank you so much for reading everyone! We are very excited about our new sites and hope you find them more fun/easier to navigate. Please feel free to PM admin Sterph with any feedback you may have.



Have a sweet day everyone ❤




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