Announcements November 10th 2015

Afternoon everyone!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start 🙂 

Just a few announcements today nothing big…

Our Pumpkin Contest will be ending 11/15/15 @ 15:30 — there are currently no entries. If you are interested in participating please PM your recipe to an admin of the group before the end date.

For more info CLICK HERE

Or check out the pinned post at the top of our Foodie page. 

The interview conducted by the Record Journal was re-scheduled for today.
I am re creating Amy Cooper’s recipe for Baked Mac and Cheese (Of course all credit goes to Amy!) The interview will be pretty much specific to the blog we have going and the idea behind it.
 I want to personally thank everyone for their on going support. The page has really taken on a great amount of new members in the past couple weeks and we most definitely owe thanks to all our current members for that! I will make sure to update you all if the story will end up going in the paper. Lets keep our fingers crossed because this would be EXCELLENT exposure for our page. 

In other news…….

It of course is STILL World Vegan Month. Lets continue to support all our friends by posting our favorite vegan recipes.

Here are a few fun recipes I found:

Today is also National Sundae Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some fun recipes to celebrate. 

Make sure to share your favorite sundae recipes on our page!!’

For more info on Sundae Day Click Here

 Thank you so much for reading everyone! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pumpkin recipes.

Have a super sweet day ❤



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