Winner!!! Contest #3 Anything/Everything Pumpkin

We are extremely excited to announce the winner of the Pumpkin Contest this week is Kevin Langdon!  AKA Chef Langdon!!!!

Kevin inspired us with his “Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Bread Pudding with Crown Maple Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.”

It’s hard to even put into words how obnoxiously, amazing that sounds.

Thank you so much Kevin for contributing to our food journal!

Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated.

This contest was awesome everyone!!!! 

As usual the recipes all looked great, but it was also really great to see more enthusiasm towards the contests and our food journal.

As always these contests are for fun, but keep in mind this tool will be a great, fun reference to delicious dishes; picked personally by us Southingtonians.  J

Take a look at our journal so far


I know there has been some confusion regarding entry rules. There are not many rules so please just refresh here:  The rules listed are for fairness, not to be strict. Please follow to instructions for your recipe to be eligible.

Get your entries in for our Comfort Food Contest this week!!! 

Contest DEADLINE will be MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14TH@15:30

We are looking for YOUR feedback! 
Please comment below with any constructive words/suggestions. 

Meet the Chef: Kevin Langdon

My passion for food started at a young age. I grew up in a household with a chef for a father.  My dad has been a chef for 35+ years and has been my mentor and go-to man for questions. Every family meal at the dinner table we would talk about food. I knew I always wanted to do something with food. My dad tried to warn me about the long hard and stressful hours working your way to the top in kitchens but this didn’t stop me. 

I decided to take my love for food to the next level and apply for Johnson and Wales University Culinary Arts program. Since graduating I never looked back. Constantly trying to perfect and progress my culinary technique. Every day is a different new and challenging day which can be extremely rewarding. I get to use all 5 of my senses in the kitchen and it fuels the fire for my cooking. 

After graduating, I moved down Hilton Head Island and recently moved to Charleston, SC to work in one of the top rated restaurants in the Charleston area called the Fat Hen. I love to cook on my days off, brew my own craft beer, head to Folly Beach with friends and explore the farmers markets for the local fresh produce. 

I believe everyone can learn how to cook because it’s fun!

Pour a glass of wine or crack a bottle of good beer and get cookin‘! 

Instagram: @Chef_Langdon


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