Winner!!! Conest #4 Comfort Food

We are super excited to announce the winner for our comfort food contest!!!

Amy Cooper had the winning entry with her Baked Mac and Cheese.

Amy, your recipe sounds absolutely amazing, we are happy to be able to add it to our Southington Food Journal. PLEEEASSEEEE make this for us at our meat up!

*Meet Up date to be announced very, very soon**

Congrats Amy, we hope to see more of your recipes.


REMINDER!!! DEADLINE for the Game Day Food/Apps Contest is TODAY!!!! SEPTEMBER @15:30. You still have time to enter your recipe! PM your recipe to any admin by 15:30 to qualify.

List of your current admins:

For more details regarding this contest click here:


Take a look at our food journal so far; it’s really coming along nicely!


Meet the Chef: Amy Cooper

“After meeting my husband and deciding to start a family, I became a stay at home mom and fell in love with cooking for my family.  I enjoy cooking any type of meal or protein and love expanding the flavor profiles in foods.  I very rarely follow a recipe and often put my own spins on them.”


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