Thursday October 1st, 2015-Announcments!


In order to keep things more organized we are going to start posting announcements on this website.
It seemed like posts were getting lost so let’s try this out and see how things go. We will be able to monitor the amount of traffic each post gets, so if this doesn’t work better we will switch right back!


Today is World Vegetarian Day!!!

Please join us in posting your FAVORITE veggie recipes/dishes!
Happy Vegetarian Day to all our lovely herbivores; we love you!
For more info click this!!!!!




We are very interested to see if there are any cheese connoisseurs in this group. Please if you have been experimenting making your own cheese post for us to see! We would love to follow along with your journey. Pictures, recipes and tips are welcome and appreciated; we will gladly feature your recipes.

For more info check this out:

Meat up will be a Thanksgiving potluck on November 14th. An event will be posted to the group very shortly. We have a few places in town in mind and are waiting for confirmation before announcing the event.

If you have any tents/chairs available to borrow for this date please PM STERPH-your help is GREATLY appreciated.

ALSO.. if you are available the day of and interested in helping out PM STERPH. We are looking for about 5 more helpers. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest, again your help is greatly appreciated!!!

***If you have a special area of interest food wise and would like to have a featured post once a week please PM admin STERPH***
These posts would included things like:
Food hacks
Recommendations pertaining to restaurants 
This is a great opportunity for someone interested in Clean Eating, Gluten Free Diets, Vegetarian,
BBQ…. There are many options!! If you have interest PM STERPH

First come first serve :p

Soup contest has begun! Deadline is October 8th @15:30 so get your recipes in.
If you missed the post we have started pinning recipe contest posts to the top of the page in order to keep track of them.
Check our pinned posts for contest links and details.

Thank you so much for reading everyone! Have a super sweet day.


Links for reference:

Recipe contest #6-SOUPS!

Our food journal so far:


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