Recipe Contest #3 Anything and Everything Pumpkin!

Thank you everyone that participated in the last contest, all of the submissions were amazing.

Can’t wait to see what this contest will bring!

Halloween is right around the corner. Letttssss get festive!

Pumpkin anything and everything… ALL PUMPKIN GOES!

 ***DEADLINE Friday September 4th @22:00***

All submissions must be entered by 22:00-No late entries will be accepted.

Please PM one of your admins with your submission by 22:00 Friday September 4th.

Here is a list of your current admins:

What should your entry include??

• Recipe creator if not yourself

**Town you are from**

• Ingredients

• Directions to make 

• Name for your recipe

• Any sources you may have used that need to be sited

Why do this? 

While no one is forced to participate, *because this is just for fun*, I encourage everyone to dig up their special recipes and family recipes to contribute. This will be a great reference for everyone in town as well as a fun site to try out new ideas and experiment with new foods.

I also think it’s really important to keep family tradition… and a huge part of tradition and culture is FOOD! 

Let’s all take part in helping expand one another’s palate!


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