Inspired by the excellent chefs of Southington:

This page is dedicated to the men and women of Southington who just CAN’T stay out of the kitchen.
Let’s fill this page with all of our favorite recipes, and I mean ALL.
Mom’s recipes, Grandma’s recipes, Great Uncle Bob’s recipes etc etc.
All the best recipes of Southington deserve a spot light here for our reference and guidance; a cook book of our towns past, present and future.  

 How will this work?
 Step 1- Join Southington Foodies if you already haven’t.
 Step 2- Keep an eye out for recipe contests. 
 • Admins will be posting recipe categories and will be accepting entries immediately after posting.

List of your current admins:

• Details for deadlines will always be offered the day the contest begins.
• NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED – but there will be plenty opportunity to participate. 

***PLEASE DO NOT post pictures of your recipe on our Foodie Facebook page prior to voting. We want to keep entries as anonymous as possible in order to have a fair contest***

***Admins who participate will not be able to judge***

 Admins will compile all the entries and a poll will take place following to determine the favorite recipe. YOU DECIDE!

The winner’s recipe will be announced and posted on this blog to add to our cook book. 

 What should your entry include??

• Recipe creator if not yourself
• Ingredients
• Directions to make
• Name for your recipe
• Any sources you may have used that need to be sited
**Include any photos you may have** This strengthens your recipe as well as helps
others visualize your process. 

Why do this?
While no one is forced to participate, *because this is just for fun*, I encourage everyone to dig up their special recipes and family recipes to contribute. This will be a great reference for everyone in town as well as a fun site to try out new ideas and experiment with new foods.

I also think it’s really important to keep family tradition… and a huge part of tradition and culture is FOOD! 

Let’s all take part in helping expand one another’s palate!


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