Announcements October 5th, 2015

Today is National Apple Brown Betty Day!

“An apple brown betty is a cross between a cobbler and a bread pudding. This popular, colonial-era baked pudding is made by alternating baked apples with buttered or sweetened bread crumbs.”

For more info:


Brown Betty Recipe

Peach Brown Betty

Crock Pot Apple Brown Betty

REMINDER: DEADLINE for our Soup contest is October 8th @15:30-GET YOUR RECIPES IN!!! PM your recipe to any admin.

Here is a list of your current admins:

Direct link to contest:

Please brush up on our guidelines-if your recipe does not follow our few important rules your recipe will NOT be eligible. These few rules are for fairness and to make things a bit easier on admins. Direct link:

In Honor of National Cheese Month:

“World’s Greatest Cheese Resource”

IN OTHER NEWS:***If you have a special area of interest food wise and would like to have a featured post once a week please PM admin STERPH*** These posts would included things like: Food hacks Recipes Tips Recommendations pertaining to restaurants  ETC!This is a great opportunity for someone interested in Clean Eating, Gluten Free Diets, Vegetarian, BBQ…. There are many options!! If you have interest PM STERPH First come first serve :p

Thank you so much for reading everyone! Have a super sweet day 🙂



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