Announcements October 10th, 2015-Winner!!! Contest #6 Soups

Soup Contest Announcement

We are extremely excited to announce the winner of our Soup Contest.

Stacey McCarthy won us over with her Italian Wedding Soup.

Not only did your soup sound amazing Stacey; but it looked perfect!

Thank you so much for entering and giving us another great recipe to enter into our food journal.

Thank you again everyone who participated. Our food journal is really starting to grow. Not only that, but with all the participation our page has seen I feel like we are all really getting to know each other. It’s a nice thing to see people come together and share a common hobby/passion.

Check out Stacey’s full recipe as well as our on going food journal! Direct link:

Meet The Chef: Stacey McCarthy!!!
My husband and I moved to Southington 23 years ago, one month before our oldest daughter was born. When we were looking for a house, my husband suggested Southington and since the only thing I knew about Southington was Lake Compounce and Queen Street, my response was, “Southington? What’s in Southington?” Now I know what’s in Southington… A great community of awesome people that come together to do amazing things.   I’ve always loved food and started cooking dinner every night with my dad when my mom started working when I was 10. The Wedding Soup was my variation of a soup that my grandmother made when I was little.For the past five years, I have been working as a photographer that specializes in high school seniors and weddings.  In addition to portraits and weddings, I have a food feature in the Southington, Bristol, and Plainville Observer that combines my love of food with my love of photography.  My husband and three children have been a huge support and are frequent photography assistants.


What does everyone want to do?! Comment at the bottom of this post in the area provided or comment on the actual post on our Foodie page. We will compile all the options and have a vote tomorrow. Please get your suggestions in by tomorrow 15:30.

In Honor Of National Cheese Month:
Here are some recipes to satisfy your cheese needs!

AlllsoToday is National Angel Food Cake Day!

In honor of this delicious day here are 25 mouth watering angel food cake recipes.

*Just a reminder-We are always looking for feedback positive or negative. Please feel free to drop admin Sterph a PM with your thoughts.*

Thank you so much everyone! Have a tasty, sweet, safe, awesome, weekend.



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